I wanted to extend my genuine thanks for the great job Nada Bus has done with our groups over the past many years.

Whether it is local charter service in the Los Angles area or over-the-road charter service throughout the Western USA the service has been outstanding. The charter rates are good, the equipment is excellent, the drivers are safe, reliable and courteous, and the office staff has always been great with regard to taking charter orders, reconfirming service, and promptly finalizing the billing. High service levels have been maintained on a consistent basis, which is critical in the tour business.

James L. Davis
California Tour Consultants, Inc.


Nada Bus, Inc. has been providing quality coach services for last 8 years. Group pickup has been always punctual and safety is their main priority.

I was quite impressed by their ability to respond very quickly to any problem and do complete all assignments in very responsible manner.
I strongly recommend Nada Bus, Inc. for any coach services render to all tour groups.

Vic Curameng
Group Operations Manager


Having Nada Bus as business partner has improved our business.

We at Nippon Travel Agency America have had a wonderful working relationship with Nada Bus Lines for many years. Their professional drivers and operations staff always delivers the services required for all of our transportation needs. We have ordered everything from simple airport transfers to complex movements requiring a large number of buses, and Nada Bus always comes through.
Nada Busís reliability is renowned throughout Southern California, indeed all along the West Coast. That reliability relieves my clients of the pressures that comes with uncertainty. We never have to worry about the quality of the bus or if it will show up on time. In critical situations, they will dispatch on site to make sure all of the bus movements are coordinated smoothly according to the requirements of the group.
Based on our long-standing relationship build on successful charter programs, I highly recommend Nada Bus to anybody require dependable, flexible service.

Kiminobu Abe
General Manager
Nippon Travel Agency America, Inc.


I must not go untold how wonderful it is to work with you and your team.

You have always provided the highest level of service to our guests and it shows in every way. The coaches arrive on schedule, if not early, and are immaculately clean. The drivers are professional and well-prepared with instructions and directions. Truly, your drivers are the nicest people!

You and your team have always gone out of your way for our guests and it makes a difference. Often you come on-site, although not necessary, just to make sure everything is perfect. I remember at one of our larger events, you stayed longer than I did! When Nada is on-site with me, I am confident that I will have a flawless event.

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful service you have provided over the years. We look forward to many more years with Nada Bus.

Best Regards,

Robin Lockett
PGI-Operations Manager
PGI-The Event and Communications Agency